Tantari - The Dark Realm

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Tantari is quite possibly the oddest of all realms. The first thing any outsider notices in the realm is that no colors exist here. It is almost as if the realm itself inflicts complete color-blindness upon anyone in its domain. While this color-blindness can be dangerous to many, the true dangers of Tantari lie with its native inhabitants: the Formless, the Ooze, and the Undead.

Another oddity of the realm is its shear size. Not even the Archivists of Oleun have been able to state a definitive size. Though they do believe the realm itself may be larger than the Tantari's sun. Some believe it extends forever into nothingness creating more to the realm as needed. Others believe it is simply so large that attempts to map have just been abandoned. 


Tantari is again odd when it comes to the realm-wide cycles. Tantari is the only known realm to have a sun that revolves around it instead of vice versa. This coupled with the glowing darkness that covers two-thirds of the sun  and its near perfect revolution of Tantari create a strange Day/Night cycle that has a day which lasts for roughly 5 hours and a night that lasts for approximately 11 hours. Tantari lacks changing seasons and has somewhat stable temperatures depending on where in the realm you are.


The lands and plant life seem to be extremely similar to that of realm of Oleun, going as far to say it may very well contain all of the exact same plant life of Oleun plus more. The natural dangers of this realm extend beyond that of Oleun due to the loss of color. While some poisonous plant and animal life can normally be distinguished by their color, that is not the case here. 

Native Inhabitants

While Tantari has no currently known empires, kingdoms, or even permanent settlements, it is riddled with more ruins and dungeons than any other realm. It is believed that at some point the realm was filled with a single vast civilization, but very little information has been found about them. It is not that the information is not present, but more that it always conflicts with itself or is indecipherable. Several Archivist Libraries exist in Tantari with the purpose of understanding more of the realm and its inhabitants. 

Most ruined cities have both above and below ground areas. The buildings are made of solidified earth, clay, or worked stone. No buildings have been found to have been made of wood or plant life and very few objects appear to have been made from them either. 

The Formless

The Formless are a race of shadow-like creatures that can change their appearance and form to nearly anything imaginable, whether as a silhouette or an actual 3 dimensional form. They are typically passive and docile until provoked. No successful methods of communication have been discovered, and as such it has not be determined what typically warrants their hostility. 

The Ooze

The Ooze are classified as their own species because of the lack of thought and control, even though they seem to be made of an accumulation of decayed sludge-like remains from random Undead creatures. They appear to just live because they exist, but they have no wants or needs. Due to their slow movements and lack of thought, the easiest way to avoid any form of confrontation with Ooze creatures is to stay out of their way.

The Undead

The Undead creatures cannot really be classified as a single race or species. Many Undead have a roughly on-par intelligence with your typical animals found in Oleun, though there have been sentient Undead found for nearly all types. They come in many forms, but are usually classified into 4 different categories: Ghouls, Skeletons, Spirits, and Wights.

Lore & Mysteries

The Greatest Mystery

The entire history of the ancient civilization of Tantari, is considered one of the greatest mysteries across the realms. Some believe Kasper Amon might be the only one able to understand any of the information regarding the once great civilization.

Supposedly during the 13th Age of Oleun, a great dispute erupted between Salu Serai and Kasper Amon regarding the realm of Tantari. The Archivists claim that in his great Wisdom, Salu Serai decided to halt his investigation. And the Lost Sages claim they let the Archivists believe what they wish. What really happens that day is unknown to nearly all current members of either organization.

Tantari - The Dark Realm

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