Ozos - The Eternal Realm

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Ozos is one of the harshest realms to live in, but it does have its advantages. There is little moisture in the air and the earth is barren of any form of vegetation. For non-natives, it is also considerably harder to breath the air due to different levels of gases in the atmosphere. The realm itself is a single mass of earth covered in deserts, mountains, and volcanoes, with rivers of lava separating it into its numerous regions. The core of the realm itself is also heavily magnetic. As such, magnetic metals tend to become pinned to the ground and weigh almost 20 times as much as they would on Oleun.


Ozos is surrounded by three suns and because of this, has no concept of day and night. The days of Ozos last approximately 30 hours with each sun appearing in the sky for about 10 hours each. As one sun is starting to set, another begins to rise as if perfectly timed. Ozos' three suns (Inferus, Coronus, and Suinus) are able to be distinguished by their color and affect the color of the sky and the temperature of the day. 

  • Inferus is dark red in color and causes the skies of Ozos to appear bright red in color. While Inferus rises and Suinus sets, the skies above gradually change from a bright blue to a deep purple, and finally to a dark red. 
  • Coronus is bright white in color and causes the skies of Ozos to be blinding to most non-natives and to the Infernals as well. While Coronus rises and Inferus sets, the skies above gradually change from dark red to a vibrant pink, and finally to a bright white. 
  • Suinus is a bright blue in color and causes the skies of Ozos to appear bright blue and the most like that of Oleun. While Suinus rises and Inferus sets, the skies above gradually change from bright white to a light blue, and finally to bright blue.

Ozos has a semi-permanent climate and seasons. Though the temperatures due tend to fall half again as high as those found in Oleun's tropical zones. 


Planet life cannot exist on Ozos on it's own. Before the arrival of the the first explorer's of the realm, no Ozosian had ever seen plant life in the realm. There have been some undertakings to try to populate areas of the realm with plant life, but strong magic has been needed to keep the plants from dying. Animal life on Ozos tends to eat inorganic materials for nutrients, some go as far as to eat from the molten lakes and rivers of lava that can be found throughout the realm. There are some that will go after organic material as well, no matter the source.

Native Inhabitants

Ozos is the home of two young but powerful immortal races known as the Infernals and the Supernals. Because of the fact that these two races do not age, the common people of Oleun have attributed them to being divine in nature and they are actually the muse behind the ancient myths of angels and demons. While they are not the only organic life that is known to exist in the realm, they are the only life that is native to the realm. Devils, Golems, and some Primordials can also sometimes be found wandering the realm.

While most of the common people believe the Infernals and Supernals to be immortal, this is not actually the case. The power of the Aeolyf heavily affects the realm of Ozos to the point that it allows for the cells of organic beings found here to regenerate at a near perfect rate. It has also been noted that there have never been any confirmed sightings of Infernal or Supernal children.

Unlike most other races, the Infernals and Supernals both know exactly how, when, and why their race came into being. Though they would never tell an outsider something that is so sacred to their cultures. At most the Council of Supernals has confirmed several things:

  • The realm of Ozos came to be as it is today, at some point during the Age of Awakening.
  • The Infernals and Supernals share a common ancestry and have been at war with each other and with themselves since their birth.
  • The realm of Ozos is not their own and the sky is not the true sky of Ozos.


It was discovered in the 23rd Age of Oleun that the Infernals built their cities deep underground, in the hollows of the lands of Ozos. With their abilities to resist incredible temperatures and levels of pressure, as well as their ability to travel through the earth, it is a perfect location for their race. It should be noted that the Infernals have a separate Kratocracy within each city.

  • Kratocracy: a system of governance where the power belongs to those who are strong enough to seize it through physical force, social maneuvering, or political cunning.


The Supernals, with their wings and love of light, had found a way to build their cities high in the skies of Ozos on giant slabs of floating rock. The secret to how this is down is held tightly by only the highest ranking members of their race. Any who press for information on the topic, tend to be jailed and imprisoned indefinitely. Unlike the Infernals, the Supernals have one overarching Elective Pentarchy that rules the whole of the race, while each city is additionally ruled by its own Meritocracy.

  • Elective Pentarchy: a system of governance where power is divided amongst five individuals that are elected by the people.
  • Meritocracy: a system of governance where groups are selected on the basis of people's ability, knowledge in a given area, and contributions to society.

Lore & Mysteries

Maintaining the Balance

In the 24th Age of Oleun a secret meeting is believed to have occurred between a group of high ranking members of the Archivist Guild and the Council of Supernals. It is said that Council initiated the meeting, with a promise of information they had been withholding in exchange for help against the Infernals. 

Vesin Thalar arrived unexpectedly with a promise, that should one race fall because of Archivists' involvement, he would immediately ensure the destruction of the other race. The Archivists declined the offer from the council believing that Vesin Thalar's involvement was more important information to get back to the Guild, than anything that the Council of Supernals could offer. 

Ozos - The Eternal Realm

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