Oleun - The Honored Realm

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Oleun is home to the Dwarves, Elves, Goblins, Halfling, Human, and Orc races. It is a realm of Kingdoms and Empires, both living and dead. With so many sentient races existing in one realm, it is no wonder that the lands have been fractured time and time again. The native inhabitants of Oleun are spread across three continents that are littered with nearly every type of terrain.

Some say the number of wars and battlefields that have blotted Oleun, outnumber that of every other realm combined. The Warring Ages have come and gone. It is currently the 71st year of the 25th Age of Oleun. Most of the empires have been at peace for several centuries, thanks to the persistence and hopefulness of King Leolvis of Emberwood. Kingdoms and Empires are no longer defined by race, but by Territory. Currently there are more than 20 regions that make up the vastness of Oleun. 

"Here at the common grounds of Vorlis, let us remember.
The waters of Oleun are bloodier than any battlefield.
More than 9 ages of war have been been waged throughout the realm. 
Finally let there be peace and rest for all who have fallen."

- Comment by King Leolvis of Emberwood
  Treaty of Vorlis in the 1st year of the 22nd Age of Oleun


The cycles of Oleun are usually the standard by which all other realms are measured and calculated. Oleun has a single sun and moon, with a fixed star in the night sky known as Iklos. After the warring ages and the loss of history, the kingdoms across the realm came together and agreed upon a new standard calendar system that would be used by all inhabitants. The days of Oleun last for about 24 hours being split evenly between day light and night. Oleun's years last for 360 days. These days are split into 12 months or 36 weeks. With each month consisting of 30 days, and each week consisting of 10 days. As such, each month is also composed of 3 weeks.


The many different types of environments that can be found in Oleun allow for a vast diversity in plant an animal life. While most species have been identified, there are still new discoveries that take place across the realm. The most dangerous plant and animal life, lives deep in the jungles or forests. The oral histories also tell of several monstrous beasts that have been discovered to be a recounting of creatures found in other realms and not actually in Oleun.

Native Inhabitants

The kingdoms have been at peace and many of the regions have seen great advances in their societies. Currency has become standardized across the realm and the economies of many regions are thriving. Caste systems still exist in most regions of the realm, with only a select few allowing for slavery or indentured servitude. Pirates plague the shipping lanes across the sea and some barbarian hordes still raid secluded towns and villages.

While nearly all being know that the Halflings are not native to the realm of Oleun, you know they are still fairly new to the lands. This warrior race of small people arrived in Oleun in the middle of the Warring Ages and originally chose not to fight in the wars. They held allegiance to themselves only and tread on no others. As time passed, and many lost hope of returning to their ancestral home, they formed their own Kingdom and defended it with a might ferocity. When the end of the Warring Ages approached, the Halfling Empire was one of the first to embrace the words of peace of King Leolvis of Emberwood.

Lore & Mysteries

A Loss of History

During the Warring Ages, so many atrocities had occurred throughout the realm, but none more dreadful than the loss of the history of Oleun. During those times; Societies rose and fell, elders died in battle, books and libraries were burned, and politics changed the stories that did manage to be passed down to the younger generations.

Roads Across the Realms

The remnants of numerous ancient kingdoms and empires lie in waste across the lands, and some even beneath the seas of Oleun. More importantly the paths to the other realms are blotted across Oleun. Deep in the Mistwood Forest lies the Altar of Rugg, portal to the realm of Kila'Rugg. In the Swamps of Prost awaits the Gate of Etr, portal to the realm of Tantari. Finally in the Dreamvale lies the Cavern of Dreams,  portal to the realm of Grautain.

While many believe that entry into some of the other realms cannot be accessed directly from Oleun, you have believe they could be wrong. Deep in the Jungles of Ezonia, a special ritual can be performed that would allow one to see a cavern known as the Mouth of the Beast, which holds the portal to the realm of Lanasteh. The Bursting Gate, a portal to the realm of Aujin, can be used at the time of eruption of the volcanic island of Irabae for a very brief amount of time. Finally, there are tales that say the Archway to Ozos can be found in the Valley of Wier, at the time of death, to those found worthy.

Oleun - The Honored Realm

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