Lanasteh - The Savage Realm

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Lanasteh is the home to many strange creatures, even stranger places, and to the honored battlegrounds of the the bestial races. A wild and savage world where man and beast are one, and territories are contested on daily basis. It is littered with unique animal life, and blotted with an incredible abundance of rare metals, mainly gold.

The realm of Lanasteh has a single moderately sized continent known to the natives as Teris, with several small scattered islands around it. A single mountain range known as the Harin Mountains runs through Teris with numerous rivers and tributaries running down from it. Teris is mostly covered by very dense Jungles in the center, with vast areas of near empty fields and several forests along the base of the mountains. Expansive swamps and marshes form along the southern coast of the continent and the Frozen Vale can be found Ley North West of the Harin Mountains. The realm seems to have no magnetic poles so traditional compasses do no work here.

"Please be safe, love. All those savage creatures. 
Remember the paths are only good for false hope.
And always be wary of the night my dear, and the moon, and of venturing in too deep.
And watch the shadows and for ripples in the water. Oh, and listen for the sounds."
- A Soldier's Departure to Lanasteh and a Wife's Last Farewell

One must be careful upon taking their first steps into Lanasteh. With a heavier gravity than Oleun and a thicker atmosphere, normal breathing can slow down and blood flow will decrease until it comes to a stable point. While everything will feel heavier and take more energy to do, wounds will not bleed out as fast. Physical Stress is less likely to occur because of wounds and more likely to occur because of exertion and use of the body.


Lanasteh has a typical Day-Night Cycle but does not have drastically changing seasons like Oleun. Instead it changes between 3 seasons that are similar to Spring, Summer, and Fall. It has been determined that the average day-night cycle on Lanasteh is a 27 hour period with the sun rising in the South-West of Ley North and setting in the North-East of Ley North. A single fixed star exists in the night sky and can be used for navigation by those lacking the necessary tools or knowledge to navigate the land appropriately.


The plant life in Lanasteh is diverse and abundant. Several unique species of plant can be found here that can not be found anywhere else except Kila'Rugg. Lanasteh also contains the most diverse ecosystem of animal life of all the realms. The predatory animal life in Lanasteh is exceptionally dangerous. They are quick and powerful and thriving under this heavier gravity. Their natural weapons are able to penetrate almost all armors that are not made of metal, which is typically what unprepared travelers must resort to. Numerous diseases and natural poisons plague this realm and accompany the already present danger of the animal life.

Native Inhabitants

Of the many strange creatures, the bestial races are the oddest. Creatures that are half-man and half-beast. Several different types exist and they seem to be extremely territorial as well as family oriented. These creatures are intelligent and typically quick to take interest if it involves gold. It is said that their lust for gold rivals that of the dwarves of Oleun. While they may be intelligent, they are also extremely dangerous and will attack on sight without provocation.

Lore & Mysteries

The realm of Lanasteh was first discovered by the native inhabitants of Oleun in the middle of the 16th Age of Oleun. Passage to Lanasteh was lost during the Warring Ages and was most recently rediscovered in the 23rd Age of Oleun by Borsin the Wanderer.

Namir Corruption

Another oddity of the realm is a corruption known as the Namir Corruption. Because of this corruption, expeditions to Lanasteh are typically quite expensive and dangerous. It was first noticed by Borsin the Wanderer in his initial visit to the realm. Because of this he is noted to have said, "Lanasteh recognizes only that which is pure." It is believed that there are no magnetic poles in Lanasteh because of the Namir Corruption.

Asor, the City of Gold

Some of the largest gold deposits lie in the contested territories of Lanasteh. Though, the greatest collection has been built as a city called Asor. The city of Asor is the only truly neutral ground in the realm and is protected by all of the bestial races. The only known outsider to ever step foot inside the city of Asor has been Borsin the Wanderer. His journals have been studied extensively in hopes of finding this lost city of gold, but no clues have been uncovered as of yet.

Every time I come to Asor, I cannot believe my eyes. A city of gold stands before me filled with all sorts of strange creatures.  This is my 10th visit to this wonderful and beautiful place.

The people here are finally starting to trust me and share some of their histories. It seems their stories say that Fara Caimon built this city with her bare hands and left it under the protection of all of Lanasteh with but a single message. "Anowes crosia tolesha lanas theh pros" which loosely translates to "Should this city fall, so shall the realm."

If this is true, the power of a god is surely a think to behold. The odd thing though, is that I have yet to see any sign of Fara's protective runes.

- Journal Entry #123 of Borsin the Wanderer, Last Great Adventurer of the 23rd Age of Oleun

Origin of the Bestial Races

Very few outsiders know the true origin of Lanasteh. In the middle of the 12th Age of Oleun, 8 noble families of Argul'In pooled their resources together in an effort to clear out an area of wild lands called, Sylve's Path. Sylve's Path was home to several woodland clans and more importantly it contained a large enough gold deposit that the families would be able to buy any luxuries they could dream of. The families slaughtered the woodland clans in just a few nights and then held a feast to celebrate their newfound wealth. Fara Caimon felt the loss of the clans and erupted in rage. She came down upon the feast and cursed their bloodlines for all time. She corrupted their bodies and their minds. Cursed them to always and forever be at one with the noble creature they were supposed to represent and gave them with an incredible lust for gold. She stole them away into the night and created a new realm that could accept these new savages. Thus Lanasteh was born.

These noble families were:

  • House Ava of the Hawk
  • House Bashe of the Tiger
  • House Cantor of the Stallion
  • House Hunde of the Jackal
  • House Luca of the Wolf
  • House Gorg of the Viper
  • House Satiro of the Ram
  • House Vempar of the Bat
  • House Merm of the Fish

Lanasteh - The Savage Realm

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