Kila'Rugg - The Timeless Realm

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Kila’Rugg is the birthplace of the Minotaurs and the Trolls that the children of Oleun hear of in their bedtime stories. Almost all of this realm is covered in thick forests, rocky outcrops, and expansive mountain ranges. This realm has been wrecked by skirmishes and battles of a war fought between the Minotaurs and Trolls. A war that has raged on for numerous centuries and whose reason has since been lost to most of the races. Most beings traverse this dangerous realm because it is the only way they believe exists to reach the realm of Lanasteh. Though some brave ones do so in search of rare and exotic herbs that cannot be found in any other realm. 

"I believe the timeglasses are useless here. It seems like everytime I try to use
my minute-glass, the time that passes has changed. And then the hour-glass
has lasted from 27 to 80 rotations of the minute glass.

It's like these lands have lost all sense of time. I have yet to breach the canopy
and have not felt the sun on my body in what must be weeks, or maybe months.
The land seems to be stuck in a permanent state of dusk. I know not whether
this has been caused by magic or if it is just the nature of the realm.

And then there is the constant strange noises in the distance. Wails of pain, and
explosions. The nonrhythmic beating of drums and the shaking of the ground
itself. I swear that sometimes I even feel like the trees are crying."

- Journal Entry #10 of Borsin the Wanderer, Last Great Adventurer of the 23rd Age of Oleun


Kila'Rugg has almost no real sense of time to the short lived races. This realm is locked into an eternal state of dusk and has no visible moons, stars, or suns. Non-Natives will typically try to use Hour Glasses and Minute Glasses to measure shorter time spans, only to find them failing. Thanks to information gained (not necessarily given) from the Trolls and Minotaurs, three additional methods of measuring time have been discovered: Rings, Shifts, and Sap Drips. 

The Trolls were the first of their world to use Rings as a measurement of time. This measurement of time is named after the rings in the trunks of trees that have been cut through. After years of study, it has been determined that Rings repeat after about 12 of Oleun's years. 

The Minotaurs first discovered Shifts, tens of thousands of years ago. A Shift occurs when the magnetic poles of Kila'Rugg reverse. The reversal of the magnetic poles occurs approximately every 900 of Oleun's years.

While Sap Drips can be used on almost any of the realms, many things can affect the speed at which it drips, and thus makes it an unreliable method for keeping track of time typically. However, this is different on Kila'Rugg because of its near-permanent climate and the permanent state of Dusk. Because of these, the pressure and temperatures in the trees is almost always the same. This means that all trees of the same type will consistently drip the same amount in the same amount of time. Each type of tree may still drip sap at a different speed, and thus misidentifying a tree type can be quite troublesome.


Kila'Rugg is home to thousands of unique species of plant life. Many merchants like to joke that one could find a remedy to anything in Kila'Rugg, assuming you could find it before the Trolls or Minotaurs do. many cures have been found in Kila'Rugg that cure even the deadliest diseases or poisons that you could find in Oleun. The diversity of animal life in Kila'Rugg is not quite as great. They tend to be food for the Trolls and Minotaurs, and of course travelers that have extended visits. Typical animals found in Kila'Rugg are those similar to deer, squirrel, rabbit, fish, and wolves.

Native Inhabitants

Due to the ongoing war between the native inhabitants, settlements and strongholds are not commonly found throughout the realm A random underground establishment may be found in odd places, but they have been ransacked long ago. As such, encampments are a preferred method of temporary settlement for the Minotaurs and Trolls. Most non-natives try to traverse the wild rivers rather than the terrain itself. It is believed the rushing waters affect the exceptional Smell of the Trolls and superb hearing of the Minotaurs, though there is no guarantee of this.


While typically depicted as slow and stupid in the children's tales on Oleun, that is not actually the case. Trolls are actually quite wise and typically peaceful creatures, though they can be quick to anger. It has been observed that they are quite respectful of tradition and pefer teaching through Oratory lessons. They are quick and powerful, with an excellent mind for tactic and skirmish strategies. They have refined this knowledge and their skills throughout their war with the Minotaurs. They have better endurance than most races of Oleun, but not quite as much as Minotaurs and their bodies also heal at incredible rates. Ambushing Trolls tends to be extremely difficult due to their incredible sense of Smell. While they might not know who or what you are, they know you are not a Troll.


The Minotaurs described in stories never do justice to the true terror one feels when coming face to face with one. Most Minotaurs have a strong sense of discipline and respect for their lineage, though there are always exceptions. Culture and honor are also important among the race. The highest honors granted typically come from Valor in Battle. Like the Trolls, their Tactical skills are incredible and their memories could rival that of the Elves and Dwarves. It is said that a Minotaur has enough endurance to Sprint for hours on end, and that it takes great skin to penetrate their tough hide. Ambushing Minotaurs is also difficult for one of two reasons: they are either burrowed underground, or their fantastic hearing has already alerted them to your presence. 

Lore & Mysteries

Sacred Areas

Several areas of Kila'Rugg are considered sacred areas among both the Minotaurs and the Trolls. These areas are the best areas to find rare and exotic herbs, but risk the wrath of both native races. These areas area so heavily affected by the Aeolyf that a change occurs in the body of any creature that enters such an area. The creature's body changes causing their blood to glow with a greenish-white color that can be easily seen even through the skin.

It is said that occasionally members of both races would compete for the chance to slay any who enter any of these areas. Any who should kill such a trespasser, is given safe passage by all, so long as the trespasser's blood coats their skin and they do not actively engage in a fight.

Contest of Safe Passage

A contest was started, in the 24th Age of Oleun, between a group of Dwarves and a group of Elves as to which group could first create safe passage between Oleun and Lanasteh by going through Kila'Rugg. The Elves stated they would attempt safe passage, high in the trees. While the Dwarves stated they would attempt safe passage through a network of tunnels that lie deep underground. The contest stood for nearly 30 years before contact was lost with both groups. Some say that the two groups were both near completion, but none know where the passages lie, and have not been able to affirm their state of completion.

Kila'Rugg - The Timeless Realm

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