Aujin - The Elemental Realm

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They say that the path to Aujin can be found at the edge of any mirage. It is the realm of the Djinn and the Primordials and was created by the Lord of the Lamp, Andros Emehl. Aujin is mainly vast seas, with numerous large islands and small continents blotting the realm. Many of the smaller continents are filled with deserts and savannas while most of the islands contain tropical jungles. Life in Aujin is, more often than not, colorful and adventurous.


Aujin has a similar day night cycle to that of Oleun, except that there are only about 26 hours in a given day. The day itself consists of about 12 hours of day light, and 12 hours of night, with the rest of the time in transition between the two. The entirety of the realm shares a similar climate to that of Oleun's equatorial zone, with temperature extremes at noon and midnight. 


Typical desert dwelling plant and animal life thrive in Aujin's continental lands. With a majority of the realm actually being sea, Aujin ties with Oleun for having the most diversity among its aquatic plant and animal life. The jungle islands of Aujin are filled with odd creatures that share the same elemental affinity as Djinn and Primordials. 

Native Inhabitants

The inhabitants of Aujin tend to gather in cities with each city lacking any real sense of government. The inhabitants govern themselves and tend to have a shared concept of right and wrong. The Primordials of the realm have no real sense of society and are governed, maybe even enslaved, by the Djinn. Should any city every break into factions, it is typically two rival Djinn of exceptional power or the factions are based on the affinity of its members.


The Primordials are a race of beings tied directly to the Aeolyf and exist purely of one of the five prime elements: Air, Earth, Electricity, Fire, and Water. The Primordials have been found to share several similarities with the Formless of Tantari. They lack a concept of society or culture and tend to be passive and docile until provoked. Though provocation of a Primordial can be as simple as having a natural affinity to a different prime element, or casting the wrong spell in any given area.

Psionic abilities have resulted in failure and have only given glimpses of the same element that the creature is made of. Primordials also do not have any sense of self, only a sense of the element as a whole. Should you hurt one fire, you hurt all fire. The limited information known about their thoughts and actions, have come from bound Primordials known as Djinn. 


The Djinn are actually Primordials that have been given will and bound to the bodies of other living creatures. They were created by Andros Emehl to help control the Primordials. The act of binding a Primordial to a living creature alters them both in drastic ways. The meld into one new being assuming the binding process is a success. If not the original living creature tends to die and the Primordial goes on a rampage. Through the ages, their gift of free will has allowed some to stray or has caused some to go insane and wreak havoc across the realms. 

Like the Primordials, they have a great understanding of the Aeolyf and as such, use it's powers to grant wishes to those they deem worthy, or to those they wish to take advantage of. Contrary to popular belief they are not actually bound by any rules as to what a wish may grant, and are limited only to their power and understanding of the Aeolyf. In addition, the only Djinn bound to lamps are those that have strayed and disobeyed the will of Andros Emehl. Most Djinn have a tremendous sense of adventure and spirit as if always seeing through fresh eyes. 

Lore & Mysteries

Hivemind of the Prime Elements

It is said that the Primordials tend to have a sense of their element and not a sense of self. The concept of harming a fire or hurting the wind might seem odd to most, but it has been recognized that all accounts of the Prime Elements are linked to all other accounts of the same Element. According to the Djinn, should one douse a fire with water, both the fire and the water remember such an action.

There are some precautions that can be taken to evacuate an area of one or more of the Prime Elements, but such precautions differ across the Element types. Studies are being done to further understand and document this phenomenal aspect of the Aeolyf.

Aujin - The Elemental Realm

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