Artesia - The Lost Realm

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Artesia is the oldest known realm of the Inner realms and was lost in the Age of the Awakening. It is also the birth place of the Halfling race. Beyond the great and fantastical tales told by the Halflings of Oleun, the common people remember little else about this supposedly great realm. It is said the Dragons, the Golems, and the Gods may be some of the last beings in existence with first hand knowledge about Artesia.


Artesia had two suns that created a Day/Night cycle which consisted of a day that would last for nearly 20 hours and a night that would last for approximately 6 hours. The realm had seasons and climate changes similar to that of Oleun, that would last around 2 months each, with each month consisting of about 27 days.  


Artesia was heavily covered with plains but was dotted of many of the same environments as you would find in Oleun. Plant and animal life flourished and many unique species. For most of the people of Artesia, little danger came from the plant and animal life. More often than not, the true danger came from the numerous magical beasts that lived deep in the wilds.

Native Inhabitants

The only native inhabitants of Artesia were the Halflings and they were a race of noble warriors and adventurers. Their kings commanded great armies adorned in gold and platinum and wielded the power of the Aeolyf itself against monstrous beasts. They drove back the beasts, deep into the wilds and claimed a majority of the realm as their own. The wild areas were extremely dangerous and was the home of terrifying beasts that you couldn't find in any other realm.

Lore & Mysteries

War with the Therlings

Some people know the stories and tales of the popular heroes of the Halfling Empire and their many adventures, but few know of the darker tales of the realm. These tales mention the onslaught the Artesian people suffered from the monstrous beasts known as the Therlings. These creatures stood more than 10 times the size of the average Halfling and moved with an incredible speed for their size. It is said they had a somewhat man-like form with a dark grey skin and solid black eyes, but they ran on all four limbs and their veins glowed in color like burning coal. They poisoned the land with merely their presence and could corrupt the mind with a single touch.

In the Age of Awakening, the war between the Artesians and the Therlings erupted to knew heights. At the behest of the King Orin of Artesia, the Golems and the Dragons of Grautain lended their efforts against the Therling beasts. With the Golems being immune to effects of the Therlings, and the Dragons burning them from the skies with their fiery breaths, the tides of war changed and the Halfling people were on the offensive. Then the Therlings changed. Their bodies became immune to the dragon fire and their tactics changed to destroy the Golem armies. Word spread and it was decided that the Halflings of Artesia would leave their home and trap the Therlings in Artesia for all eternity.

While some think the Halflings abandoned hope and their homes, the truth is that they sacrificed their past to preserve their future. Numerous portals were opened and the Halflings of Artesia fled to the realm of Oleun. The recounts of those who last fled, mention it looked as though the skies of Artesia were bleeding and tears of fire fell from the clouds. Stories say the lands of Oleun shook and the skies rained for weeks to come. Access to Artesia has been impossible since this day. Not even the gods know what the Last King of Artesia may have done to save his people.

Artesia - The Lost Realm

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