What is the Aeolyf?

"The Aeolyf? You of all people want to know about the Aeolyf? Most like to describe the Aeolyf as a body, where a change in one of the Aspects would affect the others. I believe a better analogy exists. Grab your flail and swing it about as you normally would. Now, you know the probable trajectory of the spiked head at the end of the chain, correct? If anything stops you while you are doing this, the head will continue to travel close to its relative path, until the chain is taught and the path must change.

Now imagine a flail with 5 heads. When you swing it, each head continues along a similar trajectory, all of which are determined by the motion of the swing. If something stops you while you are swinging it, each head will continue along its path until it cannot. At this point each head can, and probably will, slam into each other causing their paths to change even more.

Now imagine a flail with an infinite number of heads. The Aeolyf is this flail and is wielded by an imaginary hand. This hand determines our path and we rely on it to know how it must be swung. Should something stop the swing, an untold number of realms would crash into each other. Each head pressed so tightly against all others that it gets lost in the chaos. Each spike destroying the others, a little at a time.

You look confused. Do you have any questions?"

- Joryn Dawnbringer

"What does infinite mean?"

- Gork the Ork

"My dear Gork, have a seat. This conversation will be far longer than I expected."

- Joryn Dawnbringer

The Aeolyf